Equality Beyond Gender Roles


This Project aims to raise and increase awareness on the importance of men’s role in gender equality as well as the benefits of the uptake of various family-friendly measures (FFMs) by men. It also seeks to break down stereotypes tied to traditional gender roles among employers and society at large and highlight the benefits of sharing family and domestic responsibilities through the uptake of various incentives by both men and women. 
The project aims to:
 Raise awareness on the relevance of men’s role in gender equality, in order to reach a fair and equal balance between work and private life, and between paid and unpaid work;
 Break down gender stereotypes tied to traditional gender roles by sensitising and empowering students, employers and citizens;
 Further encourage men to take action to combat or prevent unilateral responsibilities, to share domestic duties and care responsibilities, as well as to strive towards equal economic independence between the genders; and
 Increase overall awareness of the various types of FFMs and the benefits and responsibilities of making use of them.
Call for Artistic Photographs  - NEW
The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) is organizing a Photography Exhibition as part of two promotional events of the ‘Equality Beyond Gender Roles’ project. The aim of this activity is to increase awareness on the importance of men’s role in gender equality, by breaking stereotypes, promoting the sharing of domestic and care responsibilities, and encouraging work-life balance. Photographers/Photo-artists are encouraged to explore this theme through photography; capturing visuals which best represent the project’s objectives.
More information can be obtained in the Call for Artistic Photographs or by contacting NCPE on email equality@gov.mt or by calling 2590 3850
Please send your Registration Form by Friday 11th August 2017 by noon (1200hrs) by email to equality@gov.mt
Self-Reflecting and Consultation Sessions:
 Younger students aged 14-16 will be sensitised on the topic through the drama activity entitled ‘Theatre in Education,’ with the purpose of encouraging youths to challenge notions tied to traditional roles of men and women;
 Employers will be invited to attend a two-day consultation initiative during which employers will have the opportunity to debate the issues concerning the provision and uptake of FFMs and flexible working arrangements for both male and female employees.  Employers will also benefit from a Business Breakfast in order to discuss FFMs and flexible working arrangements, with a particular focus on the economic and financial impact, the employees’ wellbeing, and the benefits as well as obstacles faced by both employers and employees.
Awareness Raising:
An online social media campaign, combined with a roving exhibition van visiting post-secondary and tertiary educational institutions will give the Project its warranted visibility, targeting students and raising awareness on gender equality, equal economic independence, the sharing of domestic duties and care responsibilities, and the importance of the creation of balance between work and private life.
The online campaign will consist of audiovisuals, photographs and statements of the interviews gathered from participants, as well as updates on all the ongoing activities of the project. will be advertised and publicised on social media, on TV and on radio, as well as through the dissemination of posters, newspaper adverts, flyers, and brochures, in order to ensure visibility of the initiatives.
A video diary campaign of men as role models will be developed and broadcast by way of the roving van. Moreover, promoters will be attracting bystanders to share information on the project and speak to students who wish to give their views on the role of men in gender equality.
Project events:
Two major events will be organised through this project:
 A day event for post-secondary and tertiary students on Tal-Qroqq university campus, including panel discussions and debates on the role of men in gender equality, and testimonial stands of employers that implement FFMs in their firms. The event is planned for Q1 2017 and will be advertised through the social media campaign, as well as through the distribution of posters.
 An open air event and musical sessions for the general public with the aim of counteracting the stereotypes existing in the Maltese language. The event will be organised in mid-2017 and will be widely publicised through local media adverts, radio adverts and TV appearances by NCPE’s representatives and the actors involved.
Other Activities:
Launch Conference:
  Press Release in English
Final Conference to be held at the end of the project’s duration in order to present the activities and their outcome. 
                         Project Ref.                JUST/2014/RGEN/AG/GEND/7785
                         Project Name             Equality Beyond Gender Roles
                         Fund                           Project funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
                                                            and Nat
ional Funds (80% - 20%)                                             
                         Start Dates                  January 2016
                         End Date                     December 2017
                         Partner                        The Drama Unit
                         Associate Partners      Malta Employers’ Association (MEA)
                                                             General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU)


 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2590 3850
(+356) 2590 3851