Research Published by NCPE

Research Published by NCPE

​Last updated: 09/02/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic - Research on the distribution of work in households NEW

ESF 4.220 - Developing a Culture of Rights through Capacity Building​

Equality Bodies' Good Practices in the Field of Non-Discrimination
Mapping Study Report​ 
Public Employees Perception Survey​

JUST/2012/PROG/AG/4733/VAW - Forms of Violence in Malta - A Gender Perspective

Female Genital Mutilation in Malta - A Research Study 
​​Research Study on Violence on Older Women and Men - A Qualitative Perspective 
Research Study on Violence, Harassment and Bullying in Schools​ - A Qualitative Perspective

​​ESF 3.196 - Gender Balance in Decision-Making​

Gender Balanced Representation in Decision-Making - Research Report
Gender Quotas and other measures towards a Gender-Balanced Representation in Decision-Making​ -
    Research Report

JUST/2012/PROG/AG/3717 - Enhancing Equal Rights​​​​

Provision of a Pilot Study to develop modules and lesson plans on equality and non-discrimination as part of the Enhancing Equal Rights Project for the NCPE 

JUST/2011/PROG/AG/1902 - I’m Not Racist, But...

ESF 3.47 Unlocking the Female Potential

Unlocking the Female Potential Research Report
VS/2010/0569 - Think Equal

Compilation of Case Law -
Part 1  /  Part 2
VS/2009/0405 - Strengthening Equality Beyond Legislation

Underreporting of Discriminatory Incidents in Malta - a research study

VS/2007/0442 - Living Equality

A Gender Sensitivity Manual

VP/2004/19 - Facilitating Equality through Education

Research Report 2006

ESF 23 - Gender Mainstreaming - The Way Forward

Executive Summaries  
Gender Pay Review (full)  

The Gender Gap in Science and Technology in Malta
The Gender Gap in Science and Technology in Malta - evaluating the problem and tackling
the issues - Final Report - Part 1 / Part 2

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