Developing a Culture of Rights through Capacity Building



This initiative was intended to continue developing a culture of rights as well as strengthening NCPE’s public profile (following the extension of its remit to cover new grounds of discrimination in 2012) by targeting the critical mass within public administration, local councils, NGOs and social partners.
It aimed to enhance the knowledge and resource capacity on equality and non-discrimination, and positioning of NCPE in the context of its extended remit through:
 Internal organisational training in line with NCPE’s remit extension, in order to accelerate its effective implementation;
 External targeted training to sensitise and empower personnel that provide a service to the citizens and public at large;
 Increase public awareness on NCPE’s remit.
This initiative entailed three research studies:
 A Study on the challenges encountered by equality bodies (underreporting of cases; lack of knowledge of rights; lack of participation in events etc.), that analysed methods and tools to reach out to target groups especially in sectors related to the NCPE’s remit extension. Good practices were researched, providing strategies tailored to the diverse target groups that are affected with the work of the equality body.
 Through transnational partners’ cooperation with the Ombud for Equal Treatment (Austria) and the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, a mapping exercise reviewed the NCPE’s operational strategies in comparison to those adopted by these partners.  This exercise outlined formal and informal working processes utilised to implement the respective EU and national obligations.
 A public employees perception survey to capture the progress attained in the knowledge and awareness following the implementation of training and awareness raising carried out as part of this project. This survey was benchmarked with an earlier study carried out by NCPE entitled “Measurement of discrimination among the Public Service”.
Internal training and capacity building for NCPE staff and commission members:
 Train the trainer’s course on practical information related to the areas of discrimination which fall within NCPE’s remit, as well as equality mainstreaming.  
 Tailor-made training on supporting different client groups, particularly victims of discrimination and NGO’s, including:
      -  Training to empower staff in psycho/social skills;
      -  Training to strengthen collaboration work and practices with NGOs;
      -  Training on different training methods and tools, as well as training on how to plan and perform a training  
          needs analysis;  
      -  Training on equality and diversity management audit/monitoring and evaluations tools to be used by key  
          NCPE staff;
      -  Training on communicating the equality message and reaching out mechanisms. Training on
          communicating the equality message and reaching out mechanisms.
External training included:
      -  Training on equality and non-discrimination to clerical grades and local councils, including executive
          secretaries, staff and councillors.
      -  Training to empower and aid tele-managers in effective management of staff who are on tele-working.
      -  Training on carrying out equality performance appraisals to effectively implement the Public Administration
          Act and Code of Ethics, targeting public employees from Scale 7 and above. 
      -  Training for NGOs and social partners on all grounds of discrimination and mainstreaming. Training for
          NGOs and social partners on all grounds of discrimination and mainstreaming.
Awareness Raising:
 An information campaign to ensure visibility of this initiative and to disseminate information about NCPE’s remit.
 A campaign on social media using Facebook adverts to direct people to NCPE’s Facebook​ page and website. This allowed users to navigate through information about their rights and responsibilities in the context of the updated equality legislation and wider protection available since 2012 while supporting more effective implementation of the legislation.
 A radio campaign was developed and aired on top 5 local radio stations over a period of 2 months.
               Project Ref.       ESF 4.220
               Project Name   Developing a Culture of Rights through Capacity Building
               Start Date         December 2013
               End Date           December 2015
               Partners           Centre for Development, Research and Training (CDRT)
                                       Department of Local Government
                                       Union Haddiema Maghqudin (UHM)
                                       General Workers’ Union (GWU)
                                       Ombud for Equal Treatment (Austria)
                                       Equality Commission for Northern Ireland



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National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
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National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850