Forms of violence in Malta - a gender perspective


The project aimed:
 To raise further awareness on different forms of violence on women and girls;
 To further spread the message on zero tolerance on violence on women and girls;
 To provide further information to policy makers on the current situation on violence on women and girls, and the respective circumstances and needs at a national level;
 To sensitise professional persons who work with victims or perpetrators of violence against women and girls, and to provide them with tools and knowledge to be better able to assist victims or potential victims of violence against women and girls;
 To further encourage victims of violence against women and girls to take action to combat or prevent violent experiences; and
 To raise awareness and disseminate more information on female genital mutilation (FGM).
A study on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Malta shed more light on:


 the needs of women who have experienced FGM, as well as

 the needs of the healthcare providers that work with these women.


 Female Genital Mutilation in Malta - A Research Study

A qualitative study on violence and abuse of older women and men analysed the factors and consequences of violence suffered by older persons, highlighting the gender perspective.
An analysis of violence, harassment and bullying in schools:

 identified different forms of violence, harassment and bullying from a gender perspective;

 studied such violence on other grounds of discrimination besides gender; and

 analysed the structures that are in place to prevent or combat violence, harassment and bullying in schools.


 Research Study on Violence, Harassment and Bullying in Schools - A Qualitative Perspective



Training was provided to:

 Multidisciplinary professionals who may encounter victims or perpetrators of violence in their work.

 Legal experts tackling the subject of violence against women and girls, and gender-based violence.

Awareness Raising:
Building on the research studies, the following tools were produced:

 A leaflet for healthcare professionals on FGM and a leaflet (in various languages) for migrant women on FGM:

 Leaflet in Maltese & English / Arabic / Somali / Tigrinian


 A Guide for professional people working with older persons on the prevention and intervention in cases of violence or abuse on older women and men.  In addition, posters will raise awareness in local councils and day care centres for older persons.

 Guide for Professionals and Personnel working with Older Women and Men


 Posters for secondary schools on the prevention of bullying and newspaper adverts.

 Poster on Bullying in Schools / Violence on Older Persons


In addition, the following campaigns will be developed:

 Video clips to promote zero tolerance to violence against women.

 Video clips on violence, harassment and bullying in schools, and among children and youths.

 Radio campaign on violence on older women and men to empower older victims of violence to combat such violence as well as encouraging carers of older persons to engage in non-violent relationships with older adults and prevent violence.

 Bus shelter campaign on violence against women to disseminate targeted messages on zero tolerance and to sensitise the general public on the right to life free of violence.


Seminar (live-in):
A seminar was organised for youths and teenagers to sensitise them on violence against women and girls, including how to combat or prevent violent relationships and behaviour. 
Other Activities:
Launch Conference:  14th April 2014
 Press Release in English
Final Conference:  14th December 2015
 Press Release in English


               Project Ref       JUST/2012/PROG/AG/4733/VAW
               Project Name   Forms of violence in Malta- A gender perspective
               Fund                 Project funded by the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union
               Start Date         December 2013
               End Date           December 2015


 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850