Living Equality

Living Equality

The main objectives of this initiative were:

 to sensitise public employees on gender equality;

 to provide further training on the use of gender mainstreaming tools for staff of ministries and departments responsible for policy and programmes;

 to set up a structure for implementation and monitoring;

 to build a communication mechanism to share initiatives and ways to overcome stumbling blocks related to the implementation of gender equality and gender mainstreaming;

 to create debate and raise awareness;  and

 to build knowledge on gender responsive budgets.


 Research on Gender Responsive Budget (GRB) at pan-European level:  This research focused on Sweden, France and the UK, Switzerland and Italy.  Information on GRB was gathered with the aim of transferring this knowledge from a European level to a local policy-making scenario.


 Gender Responsive Budgeting


 Implementing Gender Mainstreaming: Focus groups were carried out with management and policy-makers within the Public administration to discuss feedback on the implementation of gender mainstreaming and to identify good practices in this regard. Practical information was then compiled into a document.


 Implementing Gender Mainstreaming


Training sessions on Gender Mainstreaming were held and aspired at contributing towards a management team and a workforce within the Public Service and Sector that is knowledgeable on gender mainstreaming tools, and that would thus be able to integrate the gender mainstreaming process in their work.
Gender Sensitivity Training Sessions were also organised and aimed at ensuring strong ownership of gender equality by public officers. Through such ownership, the implementation of gender mainstreaming would be facilitated and more effective.  These sessions also trained public officials on the Gender Sensitivity Manual, a publication that was issued as part of this project.
A Seminar on the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming within the Public Service and Sector targeted those participants who attended the training session on the application of the gender mainstreaming tools.
Awareness Raising:
An e-Newsletter was developed containing information on how gender mainstreaming can be implemented better within the Public Service and Sector. Whereas the first issues presented general information on gender mainstreaming, delving into the prerequisites for this process, the later issues provided more information on particular gender mainstreaming tools, such as Gender Audit and Gender Impact Assessment.
Other Publications:
 Final Report       
               Project Ref.      VS/2007/0442
               Project Name  Living Equality
               Fund                European Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity -
                                       PROGRESS (2007-2013)
              Start Date         November 2007
              End Date          January 2009                        







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