Mosaic One in Diversity

Mosaic One in Diversity

The main objectives of this initiative were:

 to address the fears and misconceptions that lie behind discrimination;


 to raise awareness on discrimination and its negative effects on individuals and society at large;


 to organise a campaign on the promotion of equality and non-discrimination covering all six recognised grounds of non-discrimination;


 to create an equality platform in order to strengthen the reaching out effect of the various partners that it shall comprise, and to help them reach a wider audience while minimising duplication of work and increasing cooperation between various organisations;


 to have a multiplier effect created through the train the trainers sessions organised on the principle of non-discrimination and the right to equality for all.


 Capacity building training was provided for the Mosaic Network members on each of the six ground of discrimination.


 Train the Trainers for Governmental Equality Bodies, Human Resource Managers and the general public who were trained on the six grounds of discrimination.

Awareness Raising:

 Labelling People Hurts was the theme of the campaign which promoted anti-discrimination throughout the Maltese islands. This campaign included a billboard campaign, TV and Radio Public Service Announcement, Newspaper adverts, posters and stickers:


 Diversity Days were an opportunity to raise awareness on the grounds of discrimination.


 Equal Opportunities Film Festival was organised to celebrate Human Rights Day with, a week of films. Each film highlighted a specific ground of discrimination.


 Forum theatre went to schools in Malta providing interactive plays and activities for Form 1 and Form 2 students.


 Mosaic Final Report

 The Voice of Anti-Racist Movement in Europe - ENAR

               Project Name   Mosaic - One in Diversity
               Fund                 Project co-funded by the European Commission through the European Year of 
                                        Equal Opportunities for All 2007
               Start Date         May 2007
               End Date           December 2007
               Partners            Commissioner for Children’s Office
               European Network Against Racism
               Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations
               Malta Federation of Organisation of People with Disability
               Malta Gay Rights Movement
               National Council for the Elderly
               National Council of Women
               National Youth Council
               National Youth Information Centre




 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850