Other Projects

Other Projects

Gender News Good News
The main objective of ‘Gender News Good News’ was to work with individuals involved in the media from the four partner countries to raise their awareness on the importance of reconciliation between work and family life. The ripple effect of the raised awareness of the participants reflected in production of programmes that move away from the stereotypical situations depicted currently and created space for other concepts and ideas to be incorporated in productions.
The participating partners were France, Italy (the lead partner), Malta and Spain.  NCPE together with ETC were the Maltese partners in this Community Initiative. 
The training aspect of this initiative focused on two workshops that, inter alia, showed examples of good and bad practices of reconciliation in all countries participating. The two workshops planned were held in Rome and Madrid respectively. In between the workshops, the participants, who hailed from the four partner countries also worked on developing guidelines on the subject to be used pan-Europe. Each country was given the option of sending a maximum of eight participants. Data from each partner country was collected and sent in the form of lecture notes to the lead partner to be shared with the participants as part of the educational experience.
The workshops were led by experts identified from the four countries. The local expert was Dr Brenda Murphy whose expertise in gender and media lends itself excellently to this project.

Gender Equality - a responsibility of both sexes
NCPE participated in this Cypriot-led project with other transnational partners from Greece and Italy. This project aimed at promoting gender equality and at combating stereotypes related to gender roles in primary and secondary schools. To this end, conference meetings were organised in all the transnational partner countries to raise awareness with teachers and other persons involved in the field of education and disseminated knowledge on the practices that emanate out of each partner country.

UNESCO Project - Gender Gap in Science & Technology
This project had two main aims. The first target was the collation of coherent statistics and other information about the gender differences in the field of science and technology. Most of the information about such differences in this field was already in existence, however it was scattered around various entities like ETC, the National Statistics Office, the University of Malta, MCAST and the Education Division.
The second scope of this project was to raise awareness about this subject among the general public especially among female students and their parents. The aim was to reach this audience mainly through meetings organized during April 2006, where female students from various secondary schools participated. The female participants were at the stage of choosing their optional subjects. During these meetings the students were informed about the various opportunities existing in Malta and the EU. In addition they also had the opportunity of learning from first-hand​ experiences of women already working in the field.

 Research findings of the project


 VT/2006/009 Anti-Discrimination & Diversity Training
The Human European Consultancy Group in partnership with the Migration Policy Group made a submission in view of the VT/2006/009 – Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Training call for proposals and approached NCPE to act as the Maltese coordinator of the submission. To this end, NCPE organized two two-day seminars to promote anti-discrimination among local NGOs and Trade Unions and another one day seminar to promote diversity management among employers organizations, large companies and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) both within the private and public sector. The aim of the seminars was to further develop knowledge about anti-discrimination.

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