Prepare the Ground for Economic Independence​

Prepare the Ground for Economic Independence​


Prepare the Ground for Economic Independence was launched in September 2018 until August 2020. The project focused on addressing the gender gaps over the life-cycle.  Besides the public at large, the project had three main target groups; students, working age adults and organisations. Students were empowered to make wise choices as the decisions that they take today will have an effect on their future career prospects.  Working age adults were made aware on the gender pay gap, the effects of the care penalty and unequal pay for equal work of equal value, the gender pension gap, and the risk of poverty. In order to mitigate some of these issues, NCPE re-launched the Equality Mark by adding on the measure of an equal pay tool.
The project aims were to:
  • Increase awareness on both the gender pay gap and the gender pension gap;
  • Increase knowledge through various training and outreach initiatives;
  • ​Provide information to students on subject and future career choices;
  • Revamp and re-launch the Equality Mark Certification;
  • Empower union representatives with knowledge on equal pay for women and men.

Launch conference

Press conference EN / MT
Presentation 1: Prepare the Ground for Economic Independence, Ms Renee Laiviera - NCPE
Presentation 2: Project overview​, Ms Annalise Frantz - NCPE 


This project entailed two research studies:

  • Equal Pay Tool –  The aim of this study was to seek and learn about successful European Equal Pay tools in order to develop a similar tool that is suitable for Malta’s labour market and tailor-made for the Equality Mark certification process.
Click here to download the Research Study
  • Trade Union Research Study – The aim of this study was to seek and learn how other European Trade Union representatives embrace the principle of equal pay for women and men during collective agreement negotiations and pass on this knowledge to local union representatives, as NCPE considered this of utmost importance due to the nature of their work. 
Click here​ to download the Research Study

Equality Mark

Enhancement of the Equality Mark, a certification awarded to companies/organisations that make gender equality one of their values and whose management is based on the recognition and promotion of the potential of the potential of all employees irrespective of their gender and caring responsibilities. NCPE strengthened the measure of equal pay for women and men by developing a tool with which equal pay may be checked during Equality Mark audits. NCPE had procured the services of a researcher to gather all the best practices which were already available.
As a result of the enhancement, NCPE re-launched the Equality Mark by strengthening the measure of an equal pay tool which shed light on the significance and the realities of equal pay for work of equal value for women and men.


The Equality Mark Certification  - Information Document
The Equality Mark Certification  - Application Form
The Equality Mark Brochure  -  Brochure​​


The Gender Pay Gap Campaign was the first campaign, launched and completed in 2019. It focused on educating the general public on the gender pay gap with statistics and factual information on the issue through articles and adverts on newspapers, TV interviews on national TV stations as well as radio stations.

Article 3 - Equal Pay Matters
The subsequent campaign focused on the Gender Pension Gap.  This was an audio-visual campaign through a series of five real-life stories  denoting the impact which decisions made throughout one’s lifetime have in the future.  Due to sensitivity issues, these real-life stories were acted out by a professional actors.


On 19th November 2019, a seminar was organised for various stakeholders in order to generate further awareness and discussion on the gender pay gap, inactivity and the gender pension gap. The seminar consisted of two panels: From School to Work: Students’ decisions in choosing their career and From the gender pay gap to the gender pension gap. The seminar’s target audience were national policymakers, social partners, NGOs and relevant stakeholders as well as the general public.

Press Conference- EN/MT

Career Guidance Sessions

A train-the-trainers course was delivered to over 60 career advisors, career guidance teachers and guidance teachers. The teachers were  trained to empower young students to make wise choices in school subjects. The training focused on how to deal with obstacles which the girls might encounter when they start their professional working life. This will inevitably aid in developing critical thinking skills in decision-making.

Presentation: Training to Career Advisors, Mr Andre Callus - NCPE

Training to Union Representatives

Consultation sessions with union representatives were held on equal pay for women and men. The aim of these sessions was to discuss equal pay during the negotiation of collective agreements.  An information booklet resulting from the research study was presented to the participating trade unions.

Presentation: Trade Union Consultation sessions , Mr Andre Callus - NCPE
Information booklet - EN/MT​

Final conference

Press statement: EN - MT​
Presentation 1: Project Overview, Ms Annalise Frantz - NCPE
Presentation 2: PGEI's Actions and Activie​, Ms Joana Micallef - NCPE
Presentation 5; Evaluation study outcomes​, - NCP Consult SRLS

Project Ref.               820451
Project Name           Prepare the Ground for Economic Independence (PGEI)
Fund                         Project funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme                                   (2014 – 2020) and National Funds (80% - 20%)                                             
Start Date                 September 2018
End Date                   August 2020