Promoting Equal Opportunities through Empowerment

Promoting Equal Opportunities through Empowerment



The aims of this initiative were:

 to reach out to the inactive segment of the Maltese population, particularly women, and encourage them to be part of, remain and advance in the labour market by promoting the uptake of opportunities in different fields;

 to encourage unemployed/inactive individuals working in the informal economy, mostly females, to participate in the formal labour market.



Awareness Raising:
TV, radio programmes and PSAs were aired to disseminate information about role models (who improved their employment status after undertaking training and/or sought employment to develop their career) and publicise available education, training and labour market opportunities.  The TV and radio series ‘Nahdem … u Kif!’ was aired in 2006. 


Other Activities:

 Information about local partners, including training and employment opportunities in different fields, were compiled and printed.  This information has been distributed during the seminars that were organised for the inactive population.


 Local Council Seminars for the general public were organised to explain in further detail the information disseminated through the media and to explain how one could go about taking up the opportunities available in different fields. 


 A seminar with employers, HR managers and their representatives was organised to assess the sensitivity of employers to the barriers women face when seeking employment and the priority attributed by the industry to these barriers.


 Policy recommendations were formulated to enhance equal opportunities based on the experiences of the role models, the outcomes of the seminars for social partners and on the projects outcomes.

Transnational Partnership:
As an integral part of this initiative, transnational partnerships were developed:
The aim was to identify methods that allow the removal of real and perceived barriers of marginalised and/or vulnerable groups, particularly women, by promoting equal opportunities for disadvantaged women entering the labour market. 
The partners involved in this project include Italy, Spain, Northern Ireland, Lithuania and Malta. 
 Empower Training Manual - EN / MT
AGEender sought to tackle age and gender discrimination.  The objectives were to increase the employment rate of senior people, particularly women, by promoting good practices in the area of gender equality and age management in Europe and nationally. 
The partners involved in this project included Portugal, France and Malta. 
Other Publications:
               Project Ref.       EQUAL No.4
               Project Name   Promoting Equal Opportunities through Empowerment
               Fund Fund        European Social Fund
               Start Date         September 2005
               End Date          January 2009
               Partners           Transnational Partners – AGEnder Project and EMPOWER Project
              Ministry of Education, Youth and Employment
              Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
              Employment and Training Corporation
              Cooperative Board
              Department of Local Government
              National Commission Persons with Disability
              Malta Tourism Authority
              National Council of Women
              Malta Employers Association
              Federation of Industry
              Union Haddiema Maghqudin
              General Workers Union



 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7​850