Strengthening Equality Beyond Legislation

Strengthening Equality Beyond Legislation

Strengthening Equality Beyond Legislation was designed to sensitise and stimulate specific action by stakeholders as their contribution towards de facto equality. This initiative was based on six grounds of discrimination: gender (which was treated horizontally throughout), age, disability, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, religion/belief.
The aims of this initiative were:

 Better implementation of legislation on non-discrimination;

 Developing national policy to combat discrimination and promote equality beyond legislation;

 Fostering and dissemination of information on EU and national policy and legislation in the non-discrimination field.



An analysis of under-reporting of discriminatory incidents to responsible bodies. This research study examined which public bodies are responsible for receiving such reports and whether these are effective; whether persons are aware of their rights; and whether victims of discrimination are aware that the treatment they received was discriminatory. This research confirmed that most people do not report cases of discrimination to responsible bodies.
An Equality Review of the National Minimum Curriculum (NMC) analysed the NMC from an equality perspective on all six grounds of discrimination and put forward suggestions/recommendations as to how equality can be mainstreamed throughout the NMC, mainly through: research, policy and institutional framework, monitoring and review, awareness raising and tool development.
A pilot study on the preferred media of minorities in Malta, focusing on the African minority. This research was carried out with the aim of organising campaigns on relevant issues targeted at the African minority in Malta.
The development of a National Action Plan Against Racism and Xenophobia, which aimed at providing strategic direction to combat racism and xenophobia and to develop a more equal, inclusive and intercultural society.
The training sessions which were held as part of this initiative were wide-ranging in their targets as well as in their audience:
 Cross organisational sessions where both the organisations present at the training sessions, including NCPE,
explained the way they work and identified possible areas of cooperation between the two entities.
 Forum theatre sessions for secondary and post-secondary students aged up to 17 years, which included a
number of exercises, games and short plays to empower them to enhance and develop their creativity by
challenging stereotypes and discrimination.
 An inter diversity seminar for youth to create a shared understanding of issues related to discrimination on
all grounds whilst facilitating networking between different NGOs.
Awareness Raising:
An online awareness campaign and a newspaper article campaign. The slogan “Make Equality Happen” was coupled together with the image of the pebble, which was chosen because of its strength and solidity as well as its individuality. The online campaign included a game where the users had to connect a set of pebbles in a glowing circle, demonstrating that unity in diversity is the way forward.  The newspaper campaign sought to shed light and spread awareness of issues related to discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace.
Another initiative was the Equality in Schools Competition which promoted and rewarded educational responsibility towards equality. Secondary schools in Malta and Gozo were invited to highlight any initiatives taken to increase equal opportunities, create a more inclusive environment, promote diversity and enhance dialogue in order to improve the quality of life of students at an educational and personal level.
Other Activities:
The launch conference of this initiative was held together with the National Commission Persons with Disability (KNPD) which launched another project co-financed by the PROGRESS Programme. 
 Press release in English
 Press release in Maltese
During the Final Conference, the outcomes of the research, training and campaigns were presented to the general public and representatives of organisations. The findings of the external evaluator of this initiative were also presented.
 Press Release in English 
 Press Release in Maltese
 Final Report (Part 1 / Part 2
               Project Ref.      VS/2009/0405
               Project Name   Strengthening Equality Beyond Legislation
               Fund                European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity - PROGRESS 
               Start Date         December 2009
               End Date           November 2010

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National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850