Taking Gender Equality to Local Communities

Taking Gender Equality to Local Communities

The aims of this initiative were:

 to disseminate the promotion of gender equality and gender mainstreaming in local development. This was done through educational and publicity campaigns that were implemented at the Local Council level;


 to develop tools, such as training presentations and promotional materials, in order to entice citizens to discuss the roles of women and men in public and private life. Various Local Councils, organisations that operate on a local and/or regional level, religious institutions and ultimately the citizens themselves have been gender sensitised;


 to educate local authorities and citizens about the negative impact of gender roles and stereotypes and showing the benefits of gender mainstreaming, to promote a gender-balanced participation in society and as a result, increase economic productivity;


 to strengthen the impact of gender mainstreaming at community level and to share good practices on equality with transnational partners.

A Research Study on Good Practices was carried out in all partner countries for the identification of  good practices and ultimately the promotion of gender equality at a local level. 
Training on gender equality:

 Training of singers / musicians / performing artists – 10 Maltese singers were trained by a gender equality expert.

 Training of gender equality trainers.

 Training of the general public / members of local organisations.

 Training of Local Council delegates.

Awareness Raising:
 PSAs and participation in media programmes.
 Release of Gender Equality Audio CD with 12 songs on gender equality that were specifically composed for this project.
 Singers participated and performed in local activities around Malta and Gozo.
 A multilingual website that contained details about this project.
 Brochures containing good practices that were produced in all the different languages of the partner countries.
 Newspaper adverts.
 Roving exhibition that portrayed the good practices for the promotion of gender equality.
Other Activities:
Press Releases:  Launch Conference -:  EN / MT
               Project Ref.      VS/2008/0322
               Project Name   Taking Gender Equality to Local Communities
               Fund                 European Community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality (2001-2005)
               Start Date         January 2007
               End Date           February 2008
               Partners            Department for Local Government (Malta)
                                        Research Centre for Gender Equality (Greece)
                                        Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità (Italy)
                                        Governmental Office for Gender Equality​ (Croatia)
                                        Comissao para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Genero (Portugal)


 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850