The Gender Aspect from a Legal Perspective

The Gender Aspect from a Legal Perspective


The main objectives of this initiative were:

 to increase the participation and advancement of women in the labour market primarily through the correction of structural barriers in a number of Codes and Acts in Maltese Legislation that are hindering women from entering, staying and/or advancing in the labour market, due to inequalities that may exist within the employment legal framework as well as that governing civil and family life.

 to embed the principle of gender mainstreaming in various Codes and Acts of Maltese Legislation. 

 to further the development of gender mainstreaming at a national level and sensitise legislators, providers of legal services and human resource managers to the principles of gender equality and gender mainstreaming.

A gender audit of legislation on education, employment and training, social security and taxation, criminal, civil and the family was carried out in 2008. As a result, recommendations for mainstreaming gender within Maltese legislation were developed to promote equality in all spheres and activities.
Training sessions on gender mainstreaming and relevant EU and Maltese legislation were organised for:

 legislators and individuals/entities that provide legal services;

 human resources managers in both public and private sectors.

Awareness Raising:
A newspaper educational campaign targeted the general public, based on the research results of the project.
Three toolkits were compiled for : human resource managers / directors in the public sector; human resource managers / employers in the private sector; and legal service providers.
 Gender Mainstreaming in Employment: Private Sector - A Toolkit   EN / MT
 Gender Mainstreaming in Employment: Public Sector - A Toolkit  EN / MT
 Gender Mainstreaming in the Legal Sector - A Toolkit  EN / MT
               Project Ref.       EFS/no. 46
               Project Name   The Gender Aspect from a Legal Perspective
               Fund                 European Social Fund (ESF)
               Start Date         July 2006
               End Date          June 2009


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National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7​850