Think Equal

The initiative Think Equal sought to:
 Stimulate debates on, and enhance a shared understanding of, equality, non-discrimination, diversity and multiple discrimination;
 Disseminate good practices, sensitise and empower youths to live diversity; and
 Provide data through studies upon which legislation, policy and action may be designed.
To reach these objectives, Think Equal targeted youths, professionals and academics having a role of influence for their potential multiplier effect.

As part of this initiative, four research studies were carried out, and two booklets were developed. The research studies included two qualitative studies on discrimination experienced by LGBT persons and by racial minorities respectively, and two quantitative studies on the measurement of discrimination with youths and public employees. An Information Booklet and a Compilation of Case Law were also developed as part of this project.
 Compilation of Case Law - Part 1  /  Part 2
Awareness Raising:
A Seminar for Youths brought together youths, persons who experienced discrimination and experts from different racial, sexual and cultural backgrounds who analysed and discussed local cases of discrimination and the causes and consequences of these experiences.
 Press Release:  Let's talk about discrimination ... Youths discussing their commitment against discrimination and for equality EN / MT
A Multiple Discrimination Symposium was held with the aim of sensitizing professionals and academics, at the national level, on the concept of multiple discrimination, as well as to stimulate debate within various sectors which have a ripple effect on further discussions.
 Press Release:  A new starting point from which to challenge discrimination ... A Symposium on Multiple Discrimination  EN / MT
Papers delivered throughout the Multiple Discrimination Symposium:
 Multiple Discrimination in Law  -  Dr Erica Howard 
 Gender and Disability  -  Vickie Sciberras & Marianne Debono
The Equality in Arts and Photo Competitions and Exhibition were targeted to youth and the general public.  These aimed at encouraging and stimulating self-expression and reflection on issues of equality and non-discrimination, and discrimination taking place locally.  The art and photo submissions were then displayed through a roving exhibition which travelled to 10 post-secondary schools, the Notte Bianca​ and the Final Conference.  Selections of the entries were also published into a desk calendar.  The prizes for the winners of the said competitions were presented during the Diversity through Music Concert.
 Press Release:  Think Equal: Launch of two competitions and exhibitions  -  EN / MT
The Diversity Through Music Concert brought together musicians and singers from different backgrounds, exposing music and musical instruments originating from different cultures, and it also included beat boxing, break dancers and hip hop-rap music.
 Press Release: Celebrating Diversity..... A Diversity through Music Concert ENMT
Also forming part of the campaign targeting youths, an online video campaign, posters and leaflets were developed, the latter including quotes from the youths participating in the Seminar for Youths.
Other Activities:
Launch Conference:
 Press Release:  Think Equal: Launched by NCPE  -  EN / MT
Final Conference:
 Press Release:  Where Next for Equality?  EN / MT 
               Project Ref.      VS/2010/0569
               Project Name  Think Equal
               Fund                  European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity - PROGRESS 
               Start Date         December 2010
               End Date           December 2011

 Contact Name 
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Gattard House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda HMR 9010
(+356) 2295 7850